What Is Vocal Presence?

Vocal Presence is using voice tone, color and richness to complement other non-verbal cues in communicating a message that is consistent with your verbal content.


Vocal Presence is a critical component in your ability to get your message across or project a powerful presence out to the world. Impressive Vocal Presence improves your effectiveness. Poor Vocal Presence hinders it.


Vocal Presence uses a five element framework that allows you to become more aware of all aspects of your voice—where it is strong and effective and where it needs tuning up. The framework is based on a methodology developed in the 1960s by Roy Hart and further enhanced by Barbara McAfee in her book, “Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence.”


Through Vocal Presence exercises you will:


● Get to know the power of your voice and how to use it to get the results you want


● Be able to identify how your voice affects your ability to communicate your message clearly


● Experience the full range of your voice in terms of elements and qualities that your voice evokes


Vocal Presence is particularly important with women leaders, whose voices often detract from their power and lack a strong, resonant quality. With Vocal Presence women executives can:


● Cultivate and demonstrate a strong professional presence


● Create a more positive self-image


● Develop vocal and physical behaviors and strategies that enhance their success


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"Kari is both straightforward and sensitive as a teacher, and her knowledge and intuition relating to vocal presence are a real gift. Working with her has changed the way I sing and speak, and continues to guide me in communicating vocally."


- Rabbi Gilah Langner, Washington DC

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